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Client Testimonials

We take pride in being two steps ahead of our competitors putting our clients two steps ahead of theirs: financially, legislatively and operationally. As a result they make Zeel a vital part of their workforce management and recruitment activity, and often share news of their success in adopting our solutions.

We’ll never grow tired of, or take for granted, praise from our clients and work hard to ensure this level of service continues.

Steve Watkin

Finance Director


“Instantly the speed of Zeelpayroll was recognisable and we started to see the significant changes in our entire payroll process and the team.

Zeelpayroll saved us not just minutes but hours of the day, going from completing payroll on a Wednesday evening to payroll now being completed by mid-day.”




Ronan Corrigan

Managing Director


“The innovative nature of ZeelVMS has made us more efficient in our processes and, by being able to access real-time information, it gives us greater control of our candidates and our ability to supply the end client, which often tends to be the major healthcare organizations and Trusts.

Since implementing the new technology, we have seen an increase in the number of contracts we have secured, many estimated to be in the region of £1m to £3m.”


Scott Illingworth



ZeelVMS is the workhorse of our business model, currently supplying 300 personnel to 16 hospitals across three NHS Trusts. This will deliver annual savings of £1.2m per Trust.

The support we received on the new ‘releases’ has been exceptional. Every time we asked for an adjustment they came up with the necessary solution quickly and effectively. This gives us ultimate confidence that we can deliver the efficiency and cost savings we promise the client.”


Briony Fitzsimons



“Our previous software had nothing but issues, it felt like an extremely old system that was out of date and a software that we felt only complicated our process.

From only seeing Zeelpayroll once, we could tell immediately that this is exactly what we needed for our company. It demonstrated rapid calculations and the reporting was as simple as a few clicks with all the information we required. We are looking forward to the partnership with Zeel and implementing a system that will truly make a difference to our process.”


Alan McGeorge



The solutions we have in place and the experience we have encountered has really proved its worth in working with Zeel Solutions. The team at Zeel is exceptional, particularly the back-up and support staff who are very prompt and extremely helpful.

It is very important to our company that we remain fully complaint, at the same time endeavouring to streamline our operations. Zeel’s products go a long way in helping us to achieve our goals.



James Aust



Implementing ZeelVMS Front Office into our organisation has certainly improved the way the teamwork and our talent management process.

Working with Zeel Solutions has been more like a partnership than a client/provider relationship. When communicating with the team they provide a very personable manner and their support has been second to none. From when we very first implemented the system to using the system on a day to day basis, their help and support has been undeniable.


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