Blazing the Trail: Apprenticeship at Zeel Solutions

Blazing the Trail: Apprenticeship at Zeel Solutions

Blazing the Trail: Apprenticeship at Zeel Solutions

This year marks the 12th annual National Apprenticeship Week (4th-8th March). The fitting theme ‘Blaze a Trail’ embodies exactly what an apprenticeship should represent, an opportunity to push your potential by further developing not only professional qualities but personal qualities as well.

The predominant aim of the week-long campaign is to raise awareness about the benefits of the courses offered by the government to potential apprentices and employers. Fortunately, it is also National Careers Week to make the future generation aware of the different careers an individual can pursue.

National Apprenticeship Week is open across the country and has set a target to deliver 10,000 talks to educate teens about the doors an apprenticeship can open and how they can be an alternative option to university. Having the chance to learn and develop sector specific skills and boost their knowledge and confidence, is something only an apprenticeship can offer.

Becoming an apprentice gives young individuals the opportunity to become a part of something bigger and prosper into a legitimate business asset where both employer and apprentice can profit from.

At Zeel Solutions we are investing in a bank of trainees called Zeel Academy, to develop their skills as trainee developers, trainee implementers and trainee testers. With this comes increased productivity and fewer errors! Staff morale is higher than ever, as we make it our duty to build up our apprentice’s and trainee’s confidence at their own pace.

When embarking on a career path at Zeel Solutions, it is not just a job, it is a real career. You will be trained and nurtured to become a part of the machine and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Develop your career and find your role at Zeel on our Careers page.

To learn more about apprenticeships and how they can be the best option for you, click the link below and discover more on We recommend ‘A guide to apprenticeships’ white paper on

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