Coronavirus Customer Update

Coronavirus Customer Update

Coronavirus Customer Update

This communication is to update our customers on the actions we have continued to initiate following the government’s decision to move to the Delay Phase of their Coronavirus Action Plan. This also followed the UK’s risk level now being categorised as HIGH and the World Health Organisation (WHO) classification of the outbreak as a pandemic.

We as a business continue to review the preparedness of the business for managing the developing outbreak. The reviews and decisions remain based on a “business as usual” (BAU) stance, in line with the UK government’s position, whilst also following all official government guidance. So we are currently realigning our responses to the detail now provided around the UK government’s Delay Phase structures.

We continue to review this position against the experience of this current outbreak but are reassured by the fact that it remains a solid operating position for the benefit of both ourselves and our customers. Zeel Solutions accepts that some operational changes may become necessary but will hold us to the principal goal of maintaining services to our customers. 

We may be exercising our working from home capabilities following full consideration of the risks and allowing all colleagues with the ability to do so to work from home, therefore limiting the number of office-based staff. 

In the situation where all staff may need to work from home we have completed successful tests/exercises of our enhanced internal VPN capabilities in terms of their usability, scale and resilience. This has included a particular focus on our range of alternative access options that we have deployed to bolster our resilience and service continuity.   

We have completed tests of being able to access the data centre and all systems for complete support purposes whilst ensuring no security is breached.  The application and hosting services will continue uninterrupted and the team will continue to monitor and maintain these services. All planned upgrades and new implementations will proceed as normal so please continue to liaise with your project manager or support staff.  

Our colleagues are now actively discouraged from inviting visitors to our office for anything but essential business purposes; replacing any face to face visits with online conferencing, we are sure our customers understand our precaution. This is similarly for travel to our customer locations. We would anticipate that all necessary business communications can, for the interim, be achieved electronically using email or Zassist or via phone.  Training, events and meetings are also being moved to electronic alternatives. 

We reiterate that we would only consider closing Zeel Solutions office fully on the advice of Public Health England (PHE) or other recognised UK health bodies. 

As the situation in the UK develops, Zeel Solutions intends to continue to periodically inform our customers of our current operating status and the actions we are taking to maintain all services. 

We would ask for your co-operation if any changes you experience cause issues but please be assured these would be as a consequence of us working hard to ensure we do not impact your operation.

We would like to thank all our customers for the continued support and understanding in this current situation.

From the team at Zeel Solutions.