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Our solutions

All our solutions have been specifically designed to take the complex and make it simple. Our smart recruitment software eases the workload of recruitment and HR professionals to boosts your organisations performance, reduce costs and minimise risks.

With over 25 years of industry knowledge we pride ourselves and our solutions on being two steps ahead of the market, to keep you two steps ahead of your competitors.

Our sophisticated solutions include: ZeelVMS a vendor management software to provide an easy end-to-end management tool of the recruitment process; ZeelT&A our time and attendance software to streamline workforce time and attendance reducing your admin costs and time. Zeelpayroll is our web-based recruitment back office software that offers you the ability to process payroll of a 1000 workers in less than 5 minutes, Zeeltimesheets an electronic timesheet software consolidates and eases the burden of employee timesheets.

Browse our full range of solutions available and get in touch if you would like to book and demo of the systems available and to know more about how our solutions can benefit your organisation.

ZeelVMS logo

ZeelVMS is our true end-to-end recruitment process management solution, a vendor management software specifically designed for the HR and RPO industry. It easily handles every stage of the recruitment process from facilitating vacancy filling through to consolidating electronic timesheets. This powerful recruitment software is here to make you more efficient, more responsive and more productive – and sophisticated reporting tools let you see this enhanced performance in real time.

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Zeelpayroll is our rapid web-based pay and bill solution which easily handles multiple payroll processes and calculations in seconds, and offers the capability of varying payment types. Detailed reporting gives you valuable management information in real time, plus visual analysis.

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ZeelVMS Healthcare logo

Specifically tailored for the healthcare industry, ZeelVMS Healthcare enables you to effectively manage your recruitment processes. Reduce annual spend, increase speed of workforce management, ensure full staff compliance and transparency of supplier relationships all in one stroke.

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Zeeltimesheets logo

Zeeltimesheets, is an electronic timesheet software that will easily handle the timesheet-to-payroll process for recruitment agencies and workers. Dramatically reducing admin and increasing efficiency levels by allowing designated people to submit and approve hours, days and costs electronically; while also checking compliance, saving you time and money.

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Zeelrecruiter offers a complete management solution for all your recruitment needs. Providing complete visibility and control of your workers, while ensuring compliance and enhancing your current recruitment process.

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ZeelT&A is a complete workforce time and attendance software. It can be added on to our VMS software ZeelVMS and ZeelVMS Healthcare, to enable the remote recording of staff time and attendance for smooth workforce management and to ease the burden of admin.

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