Top Tips On How To Destress In The Office

Top Tips On How To Destress In The Office

Top Tips On How To Destress In The Office

Ever find stress in the workplace can become overwhelming when you have an endless list of work and that it can consume you resulting in clumsy mistakes and further problems? Learning how to handle stress and discovering ways to destress at work is important for you and your job. We have put together some Top Tips on how to handle and manage stress in the office.

1. You can’t work non-stop, from the second you get into work right through to home time. Taking five minutes out of your day to do something joyful like a fun little doodle, taking a walk round the office or some have even said they do a few walks up and down the stairs will tick off that little extra exercise and lift the stress off your shoulders in the process. It will allow you to refresh your mind allowing you to tackle your tasks with a more positive mind set!

2. Creating a list or mind map of your daily/weekly tasks will help visualise everything you have to do. When you have so much in your mind the simplest of tasks as listing it all out into priority and the tasks involved will be sure to give you that calm reassurance that you have got this! We love Trello for an organisational tool which you can share with other people in your team and work together to organise what you have planned.

3. Speaking of organisational tools, giving your workspace a new look may reduce your stress levels. Having incoming and outgoing trays, pen holders and stationary holders will declutter your desk helping you to focus solely on the task at hand. Even rearranging your desk will be constructive.

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4. Are you finding yourself swamped in deadlines and ongoing projects? Something as simple as having a discussion with your work colleagues about your day will do you a great service. Freeing your mind and having a chat can sometimes be that little head space you need to calm your mind. Even having a cup of tea and a biscuit will give you the chance to reset, destress and converse with others in the office. Ultimately this will make you feel less isolated and more open.

5. Utilising inspirational videos on YouTube and listening to Podcasts are great tools to destress. Specifically, ones around keeping calm and positive thinking for example TED Talks. The TED Talks platform offers over three thousand different videos spanning the importance of innovation to hard work and persistence. They inspire and enlighten by giving you a different perspective on certain things.

Trying one of these methods could do you a great service. Don’t just destress this stress awareness month, try and put things into place that you can continue within your day to day life.