Want to halt the risk of timesheet fraud?

Want to halt the risk of timesheet fraud?

Want to halt the risk of timesheet fraud?

If you are relying on manual ways of processing your time and attendance, you could be at serious risk of timesheet fraud.

Inputting the incorrect data (intentionally or not) can happen more easily than you may expect. Those errors can then have serious implications costing you time and money. Surveys by Aberdeen Group have revealed that there was a 30% lower rate of payroll errors when an electronic timesheet software solution was involved.

Prehistoric paper-based timesheets have many downsides. They are easily lost, messy, inefficient, most certainly outdated and not to mention they are easy to write incorrect information on by overestimating or rounding hours up.

Electronic timesheets are lightyears ahead, and offer an abundance of features that manual timesheets simply cannot offer. Electronic timesheets can offer full customisation and development capabilities allowing for the approval of hours/days and costs all in one solution.

Approval of hours is now as simple as a few clicks. Who would want to go back to the endless processes of before?

Are you looking for an electronic timesheet software solution that can dramatically improve your admin while also giving you access via web-based portals? Ztimeex’s modern approach to these age old (yet essential) tasks will give you peace of mind as it takes the complicated and makes it simple!

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