Save With Our Solutions

Save With Our Solutions

Save With Our Solutions

Getting the most for your money is essential, none more so than during the worst financial crisis in decades. Worldwide, companies have devised strategies to ensure productivity far outweighs staff and resource expenditure, whether it’s implementing staff training plans (RBV), in depth interviews or motivational theories the aim is ensuring productivity is high.

Following the Coalition Government’s spending review in 2010 the spotlight has been focused on the NHS’s productivity like never before. During the past 10 years the NHS has continued to receive significant, increased levels of funding, however, this has changed. The NHS is now pressed with the challenge of ‘doing more with the same money’ and has been set the target of providing £20 billion in efficiency savings by 2015.

The challenge is twofold, not only are trusts charged with providing annual savings but must ensure service levels meet and exceed demand. With no history of any other healthcare system targeting these levels of efficiency savings the pressure is on the NHS to deliver.

Unfortunately, 2 years into the ‘Nicholson Challenge’ and the King’s Fund reports that the NHS is likely to miss its targets. This has prompted many within the healthcare sector to look for new ways of delivering annual savings. Driven by the need to provide cost and efficiency savings the healthcare industry, in particular the NHS has become the latest adopters of the RPO/Vendor management systems.

As a result Zeel Solutions has seen significant demand from NHS Trusts and healthcare agencies keen to use its ‘ZeelVMS Healthcare’ software solution. The web-based platform has been specifically tailored to offer health organisations – for the first time- the opportunity to effectively outsource part or all of their recruitment processes.

ZeelVMS Healthcare has been changing the way agencies manage the outsourcing of the recruitment process (RPO) and vendor management services in many industries including logistics, retail and local government. The software solution provides the healthcare industry with the ability to reduce annual spend, increase speed of workforce management, ensure full staff compliance and transparency of supplier relationships.

Zeel’s MD Rav Cheema picked up the story, “In an era dominated by budget cuts, it’s difficult to look past the fact we can save the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds for every £1m spent on locums.”

“We have worked with specialist providers to take our core technology platform and tailored it to meet this sector’s specific needs”. He continued “ZeelVMS Healthcare’s drag and drop functionality helps trusts take the strain of time consuming, complex rota scheduling and is just one of the ways healthcare organisations can work towards delivering efficiency saving”.

NL Managed Services, a specialist in RPO and vendor management services to healthcare organisations, has been one of the first adopters of the software.

Scott Illingworth, Director, added his support: “Our relationship with Zeel has been built on a mutual passion to bring effective RPO services to the healthcare profession”.

“The core ‘ZeelVMS’ platform allowed us to launch our new business model and get the solution to market quicker than any other tendering organisation. This gave us an immediate advantage and we have used this to add ‘sector’ specific features that are delivering even more tangible benefits.”

“It is the workhorse of our business model, currently supplying 300 personnel to 16 hospitals across three NHS Trusts. This will deliver annual savings of £1.2m per Trust.”

Keeping companies two steps ahead Zeel Solutions have recently launched their workforce time and attendance solution ‘ZeelT&A’, which provides real time workforce attendance information helping healthcare organisations with workforce planning, visibility, control and compliance.

Zeel’s expert insight will appear in this month’s edition of HR Grapevine