Expo Extravaganza 2018

Expo Extravaganza 2018

Expo Extravaganza 2018

This month we exhibited at the Recruitment Agency Expo in London. Expo’s are a fantastic place to network with professionals and a great chance to demonstrate over a couple of days all our new features and software. Although they can be long days, the rewards and new connections we gain out weighs the tiredness.

The Recruitment Agency Expo London is one of the biggest recruitment specific events in the calendar. Individuals from all walks of recruitment were present from CEO’s to team leaders. The informative and valuable seminars are a great way to gain new knowledge from professionals for free, with some key topics on GDPR, marketing and PR.

So, what are the benefits of expos? 

  • Encourages networking opportunities
  • Allows you to come into contact with diverse crowds in your sector
  • Encourages face to face interaction
  • Supports decision making processes
  • Great for generating leads
  • Cost effective

For us the expo was a chance to show the crowds  how we can keep them two steps ahead, particularly in a very competitive industry like recruitment. Our team (along with extensive resources) were on hand to answer people’s questions and provide demos of our software and all the new updated benefits. Not to mention our famous sweet stand taking pride of place and proving very popular with the attendees.

During our time at the expo we displayed our range of software solutions; ZeelVMS, ZeelVMS Healthcare, Zeeltimesheets, Zeelpayroll, ZeelT&A and our brand-new outsourcing service ZeelOutpay. All developed in house to take the strain off your current recruitment process.

Meeting other recruitment specialists has helped us to understand the intricacies of our sector further to aid the development of our solutions, ultimately enabling us to add more concepts to the road map and to develop our upcoming releases.

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