GDPR: Software Advice

GDPR: Software Advice

GDPR: Software Advice

GDPR is the topic on everyone’s minds at the moment, and from a software provider’s perspective this new legislation requires planning and development to ensure our solutions’ are doing everything they can to help aid our clients in being compliant. As a software provider we also believe it is our responsibility to focus on implementing new features to our software that we believe will make for a simpler process and work with the new GDPR legislations.

We recommend that while analysing your existing process, it’s important to consider how much of that process involves the software functionality. Are there suggestions you have for your software provider that could help with your transition and in affect could help their other clients?

For anyone that has a system in place, whether it is a CRM, VMS or payroll back office solution you need to have the conversation with your provider on what updates/ upgrades are going to be available in response to the GDPR legislations. If there is an update ensure you have factored this into your plan before May, how long will it take for the update to be implemented? Will this cause any issues to your plan?


Other factors and questions to consider discussing with your software provider are:

  • Adding and removing fields on an individual’s profile

Cleansing your data is a common suggestion from many experts, and, with this in mind, can your software provider remove these fields from your database Thus avoiding the tedious task of individually erasing fields from each candidate’s record – this will save time and ensure the data you hold is the same across the board.

  • Does your software provider offer worker portals?

With a worker portal in place you will be able to provide candidates with an instant profile of all the information you have of them, this reduces the risk of inaccurate information being stored and also removes the admin time of retrieving this information every time you receive this request.

  • Offering of bespoke software

This is where you will begin to see a difference between ‘off the shelf’ software and a more ‘tailored’ software. If your software provider offers further development to your existing software, you can request changes in order to reflect the decisions you have implemented in your organisation. This option does come usually with a cost however could be more worth your while as an investment.

  • Securing data in regards to payroll

Is your payroll software hosted locally? Having a web-based software that is stored locally could reduce the risks of breached technology. However, as everyone is aware it can never 100% guarantee this, as you always have to factor in the users of the systems.

  • How easy is it to erase data?

When these legislations come into effect, individuals have the ‘right to be forgotten’ and can request for their data to be deleted. If this is the case and you have this request how easy will it be for you to do this using your current system if at all? Is there a guarantee it is completely deleted and how can you be sure? This is certainly something you need to discuss with your provider before the first instance occurs. And will this be an offering in an updated version of the software? Will this need to be factored in to your plan?

With all of our solutions that we offer, we are currently looking at specific elements that we can implement in to our systems to enhance the existing features and simplify any processes that clients may require with the new legislations. The suggestions we have provided to discuss with your software provider are areas we either already offer in our systems or have on the software road map.