Good Causes Committee Strikes Again

Good Causes Committee Strikes Again

Good Causes Committee Strikes Again

Continuing our charitable ethos of the business we have recently donated £1000 to, Let Us Play, a children’s charity that helps to develop and improve the lives of children with special needs and disabilities, in and around the city of Wolverhampton.

Good Causes Committee throughout 2017 ran a charity tuck shop along with other in-office fundraisers to raise as much money as possible for local charities. Let Us Play is one of many charities the Zeel Solutions team voted to help raise awareness and money for. Knowing our staff and the fact that we always need extra brain food, setting up a tuck shop proved the most successful way to raise money.

Enabling us to lovingly hand over the money to help children with special needs and disabilities around the Midlands who have faced hardship and difficulties in their early life. The money given will be used to improve and brighten the lives of the young children who attend Let Us Play.

The money contributed will also help the development of the children through play therapy, outings, sports and creative arts thus allowing the children at Let Us Play to express their individuality.

Kim Hatton, Charity Manager at Let Us Play, said: “Children born with disabilities come from all backgrounds, ethnicities and social groups.  However, we find that having a disabled child leaves families isolated and in need of support.  Let Us Play has grown and evolved out of our experiences during the past 16 years and want to sincerely thank Zeel Solutions for the donation. It can be assured that the donation will make a real difference.”

Rav Cheema, Managing Director of Zeel Solutions, said: “Raising money for others is a massive part of the office culture, we all know somebody who has greatly benefitted from charity donations. Seeing the money go to something that will brighten the lives of children born with disabilities is extremely important, because our passion for helping others is always going to be a rewarding aspect of working at Zeel”

Find out more about the fantastic work Let us play achieve here: