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Zeel Solutions’ VMS recruitment software enables your agency to take on more business and manage talent with speed and simplicity. Procure staff more efficiently, whether they are temporary, permanent or contract workers, this VMS software provides a seamless process for all involved.

ZeelVMS, a specialist developed recruitment vendor management software, enforces compliance and provides detailed management reporting for your agency. This VMS recruitment software offers an invaluable communication platform through worker, client and management portals; providing your client’s with full visibility and a service that will surpass their expectations.

The Portals

Zeelvms Client PortalZeelvms Worker Portal

ZeelVMS software, offers secure web-based portals, to simplify tier management, automate the timesheet process and streamline vacancy filling; saving considerable time and improving productivity.

For the client, web-based portals provide complete visibility of the process and provides a simpler method to access and approve worker’s timesheets and expenses efficiently. With the added feature of notifications, when timesheets are awaiting approval.

For the worker, using their secure login details, the web-based portals offer a smoother, simpler way to upload and submit timesheets online, and on the go. Receiving email notifications of payslips and when timesheet are approved.

Having web-based portals within a VMS software will increase operational agility and accelerate business outcomes.


Our modules

Zbill  offers the capability of invoicing and self-billing,  automating your entire process and providing the complete end-to-end recruitment software, within one solution.

Zanalysis offers real-time management information and access to accurate detailed reporting to reduce costs in recruitment and admin. Enabling you to monitor service level agreements and KPIs, and ensure compliance with AWR and right-to-work legislation.

Zxchange is the part of ZeelVMS that offers a seamless exchange of data between recruitment systems as well as external systems such as time and attendance, job boards and career portals.

These advanced modules offered within this VMS software will add significant value and insight into your current business process and revolutionise how your organisation manages talent across multiple platforms.