Zeel Academy Training

Power is knowledge, get to know your solutions inside out. We want you to maximise your solution to it’s fullest potential, our Zeel Academy offers the opportunity for additional training to your team, helping transform your team from ‘User’s’ to ‘Pro’s when using your software.

Our Zeel Academy training is ran by our experienced in-house projects team, who are the best at understanding your business’ process and will discuss and help you identify your team’s training needs. The training sessions combine practical and step by step presentations, to ensure your team are learning and familiarising themselves on the system; proven to be the most effective way of learning with our solutions.

Another key advantage to our Zeel Academy training is our tailored package. If required, we can build a specific training session around particular areas of how your organisation works. Our experienced project managers will discuss and help you identify your workforce training needs to deliver a bespoke training programme specific to your requirements. Whether you choose to have an intense course over a few days, or spread out through the year we are here to help you in the best way that suits your team.

Our main objective is to ensure your team are experts in using our solutions, to the extent that they all become pro’s, in order to deliver you the benefits you need to be ahead of your competitors.

Bespoke Training Package Engaging Sessions Engaging Sessions Maximise Solution Potential

Our client’s thoughts…

“The trainer has great system knowledge and offers a good training approach. The training on our solution’s new functionality was extremely useful to our team.”

Anthony Rodriguez, Head of Project Management Office

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