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Recruitment VMS Software to streamline your staffing process efficiently.

ZeelVMS, a web-based recruitment Vendor management software that will automate your entire staffing process, improving worker and supplier quality and enable you to manage multiple talents, in one platform.

Streamline your operation with a VMS software, to save labour intensive administration and drive productivity. From vacancy filling, right through to consolidating timesheets and enforcing compliance; ZeelVMS will handle with speed and simplicity.

ZeelVMS will offer your clients and workers secure web-based portals, to provide greater visibility and improve communication. Introducing web-based portals to your business, will accelerate the timesheet to payroll process, maintain compliance and control costs.

NEW ZeelVMS has some fantastic new features to its new release including drag and drop vacancies and PO countdown, all features we have developed to make the life as a recruiter easier.

Other beneficial features include: 

  • Drag and drop vacancy/ booking creation
  • Time and attendance module
  • Vacancy / booking authorisation
  • Roster planning / scheduling
  • Report builders
  • Mobile candidate submission and review
  • Advanced rate and cost control
  • Bespoke compliance management
  • Real time dashboards
  • Job board integration capability
  • Management information reporting
  • Acute tier and supplier management
  • Intuitive AWR management
  • Customisable work flows
  • Temporary, permanent and contract workers
  • Assignment management
  • Multiple recruitment processes
  • Electronic timesheets and authorisation
  • Various timesheet models
  • Contractor self-billing
  • Consolidated invoicing and self-billing
  • Staff banking
  • SMS text messaging

Within ZeelVMS We’re Proud to Bring You:

Zanalysis: Real-time management information and detailed reporting to reduce costs in recruitment and admin, helps you monitor service level agreements and KPIs, and ensure compliance with AWR and right-to-work legislation.

Zbill: Invoice and self-billing functionality.

Zxchange: A seamless exchange of data between recruitment systems as well as external systems such as time and attendance, job boards and career portals.

We can also integrate ZeelT&A into your vendor management software, ZeelVMS. This uses wireless technology to automate the recording of workforce time and attendance and performance of temporary workers. ZeelT&A helps to speed up admin completion and allows for easier workforce management through a time and attendance software which will generate your electronic timesheets.


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